Friday, March 19, 2010

Third Edition of the Carnival of the Physics

“I ever saw him practising either any diversion nor pastime, nor mounting on horseback to take the air, nor to walk nor playing the skittles, or another any exercise: he believed that any hour that was not dedicated to his studies was a lost hour, and he was fulfilling it so much that rarely was leaving his room except to teach in the hours prearranged where so few ones he was going to listen to him, and they even less understood him, that often for lack of listeners was speaking, for saying it this way, for the walls”.

- Description of Isaac Newton as his servant.

Source: Cosmos of Carl Sagan, cap. «The harmony of the worlds» pp 68, 69. Publishing Planet.


We use Newton's appointment again in commemoration to that his 367 would be annual (born on January 4, 1643) to announce that we already have prepared the Third Edition of the Carnival of the Physics, this time to hands of the blog Leonardo da Vinci! The idea is, if this works, that every month a blog offers himself “to organize it” and we have a monthly Carnival! This blog has already committed himself for the February edition, that in January there are examinations as you could have verified for little activity of the blog.

Without much ado preambles, all those who want to take part in this edition have only to send an email to

alfaaurigae (at) gmail (dot) com

If you do not have blog and want to publish an article, in the first edition a social network is believed Also, there is we will be able to find more information about the events, know a little more on other participants and consult previous editions. The deadline to deliver your articles is December 27! and they will be published on the 30th!

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