Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The fourth Edition of the Carnival of the Physics

“In science one tries to say to the people, in a way in which they all could understand it, something that nobody ever knew earlier. The poetry is exactly the opposite”.

- Paul Dirac.

British Theoretical physicist who contributed in the development of the quantum mechanics.

Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac

We enter in February and so much the blogueros as the fans of the science we are already preparing ourselves for a new edition of the Carnival of the Physics, this time, with our blog as host! The Carnival began celebrating the month In November in Gravity Zero owing to 400 anniversary of the day in which Galileo Galilei used for the first time a telescope refractor to see the Moon, one November 30, 1609. The initiative pipe a sweeping success so we proposed to continue the Carnival and to throw it every month from a different blog: in December it was the AstrofísicayFísica blog and in January that of Leonardo da Vinci. On the other hand, also Carnival of the Physics created the social network in so that those that they do not have blog also could take part.

The functioning is the same of every month: to publish entry in your blog or in the social network of the Carnival in the possible most informative and didactic thing on some topic related to the Physics. The purpose is to show it to the public in general entertained that is the physics, the fascinating consequences that have the discoveries that have been taking place throughout the years and to demonstrate that also that the physics is not so difficult as they paint it if it is well explained itself.

If you want to take part, you have only to write an article during this February més and send the linkage to your blog before Thursday, the 25th of February so that be able to do the compilation and publish it on Sunday, the 28th! Also he would need the city where from you are posteando to publish it in the participants' map. You can send to me this information route comment in the same entry or to the mail address

Intentions to all the participants, to demonstrate it beautiful that is the nature and the laws that govern it! We release also a list of mail to improve the communication between the participants to the Carnival:

Group of Google

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