Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Music for Friday: Downtown – Petula Clark

Petula Clark

As we were already saying yesterday, we return to the walked ones so like every Friday, today we have music in rtfm.es. The song that I propose to you today belongs to a singer, actress and composer who entered the Book Guinness of world records like the most prolific British artist of all the times with more than 70 million sold discs. We speak about Petula Clark, born on November 15, 1932 in England and that during the 60s was released in the world of the music with “The Litte Shoemaker”.

Further on it saw his first numbers one in the lists with “Alone“ and “Sailor“; but his most well-known success was "Downtown" composed by Tony Hatch that placed itself in the first position of the American and British lists. The very same Frank Sinatra could not resist to do his version of this song and for the Lost followers, this song marks the beginning of the Third Period, when Juliet burns herself doing a few fairy cakes>. Right now, this song is the one that more needed to listen, but I recommend to you to look for it in Spotify and to listen to some of his topics because the truth is that it has a very agreeable voice and a few songs that fit in many situations.

Other one that I would like that escucharaís is My Love of 1965, it is more romantic but the truth is that I cannot allow listening to it.

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