Saturday, March 20, 2010

Music for Friday: Variations – Andrew Lloyd Webber

This Friday we have a much more classic proposal led by a chello. The any not one, the cello protagonist pertence to Julian Loyd Webber, brother of Andrew Loyd Webber: composer born in London on March 22, 1948 with 3 awards Grammy, 1 Óscar, 1 Emmy Internacional and 1 golden Balloon – between others. He is one of the most important musical theatrical composers of the XXth with 16th Century, two sound-tracks and a mass of Requiem behind him. The song that I propose to you corresponds to the first minutes of his joint album, of Julian and Andrew, Variations published in 1978 in which there predominates over a perfect miscellany between Rock and musician Clásica who is to take the hat from him. The disc has a duration of 34 minutes and to enjoy it it is necessary to listen to point because none of the songs has waste. Anyhow, so that you do an idea to yourselves, I leave an extract of the disc to you:

Also I leave the linkage to you so that you could listen to the finished disc and understand about that I am speaking to you, the disc is beautiful.

1978 - Variations of Julian and Andrew Lloy Webber

Password to decompress it:

If the author or some “Managing Society” is against of that I promoted this disc and incited which the people to listen to it and if he likes, I bought it; that communicates it to me that I will stop doing it.

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