Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Music for Friday: It's Too Late – Carole King

Although it is a little late, it keeps on being a Friday and that for a pair of weeks means that we have a song to be shared. This week, making use of the delay we recover a vinyl of Carole King titled Tapestry published in March, 1971. We are with one of 15 álbumes more sold of the 70s with more than 10 million copies behind him and in the podemos to find songs as I feel the Earth Move or Will you love me tomorrow (song that occupies the position 125 in the Top 500 of the best songs of all the times according to the Magazine Rolling Stone). In this album also the song includes that today I propose to you: It's too beats, although in our case half an hour still stays so that stop being Viernes! A calm topic rewarded with a Grammy and it keeps on being in the Top 500, although 469 does it in the position. For that him Carole King does not sound of anything, in the public 1974 an album called Wrap Around Joy who was including a topic called Jazzman and of which we could listen to a version interpreted by Lisa Simpsons in The Simpsons.

Without much ado verbiage presented you to Carole King and his It's To Late.

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