Monday, March 15, 2010

IV edition of the Carnival of the Physics

We are at the end of month and it is a pride to present to you 24 contributions of this edition of the Carnival of the Physics, doubling the participation of the two previous editions! This one we meet some recommendations of books and videos, clarifications of daily concepts that many people do not know yet, speak about some equations, we will speak about astronomy and of as this one structured everything what we know. We will understand little more dangers of the electricity and which are the causes; and we will see that the radioactivity is not so dangerous as sounds.

Carlos Ferri from Gravity Zero recommends to us the book of Sean Carol, From Eternity to Here, where we will be able to study in depth a little more the "functioning" of the time, of because he has a sense and of the evolution of the entropy with the step of the years.

Gravity Zero

Manuel Sánchez in his blog on microbiology proposes to us the most interesting article about the mechanism of the photosynthesis like union of quantum theory and the evolution.

Curiosities of the microbiology

Juan José Sáenz of the Tower tells us the history of as Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit established his famous temperatures scale.


Germán Fernandez announces the state of the astronomy to us in Spain with an extensive article about the newly inaugurated Big Telescope of Canaries – GranTeCan.

The Neutrino

Dark brown it tells to us that it is the Drake equation, it clarifies to us the meaning of each of his variables and his evolution with the step of the years.

Noxbrús Lair

Alejandro with his history Cardano in the Workshop shows the face that not always is seen of the science, that after complex concepts the work and the persons' passion is.

Obsolete technology

Gerardo Blanco from Argentinian explains in depth on which it is the heat and the meaning of his magnitude, the temperature to us. Also he speaks to us about the evolution of these concepts throughout the years and of up to where we could have come in the laboratories.

News of cosmo

Francis explains to us the physics of the bosón of Higgs using the refraction index in optics.

Francis The Emule News

Fernando with a title that makes a mistake with the rabid actuality, tells us how the shoemakers can support themselves on the water and gait thanks to the superficial tension.

Saragossa Source

Miguel Garcia introduces us in the history of the energy, from the caloric one up to the joule.

Pandora's memories

Tito Eliatron refreshes the memory to us with the laws of Kepler that govern the movement of the planets and, for the most bold, it demonstrates the second Kepler law departing from the Law of Universal Gravitation of Newton with the help of distinguishing equations.

Tito Eliatron

Pedro Gomez-Esteban in pone the morello cherry to his moníográfico on the electricity with an article about that happens when we exhibit our body to the current, from an electrical burn to the ventricular fibrillation. If you like the article, I recommend to you earnestly 9 articles that him precede.

The Sifter

DarkSapiens in Critical Thinking clarifies to us that the ground is round since there are the people who, although it looks like a lie, keeps on defending that is flat but one there is a conspiracy so that we think that it is spherical.

Critical Thinking

Isaías suárez offers us a video on what we know about the universe to realize that, paraphrasing Sagan, we are only a blue puntito.

isr zone

Verónica Casanova speaks to us on the structure of the universe, the geometry that we use to describe it and what “gives him form” to the universe.

Astrophysics and Physics

Hominids he speaks to us about Albert Eintein and his revolutionary exposition of the space - time.


Unyielding he explains to us, with the help of an impressive video, the real motive for which it looks like the astronauts that they are not submitted by force of the gravity.


OndaSolitaria reveals another mystery to us speaking to us on the beams give integrators that the villains keep in his cellars and the guns of protons.

Physics in the Science fiction

Benedictine speaks to us a little about that so dangerous called radioactivity, which allows us to obtain energy to evolve and at the same time, capably of destroying from a cancer to an entire country. Far from the area zero of a bomb, of a nuclear power plant or of the room of radiotherapy we are surrounded with radioactivity, at major levels than we think ourselves

Quantum universe

Joaquin Sevilla describes the movement of the horses to us from a less equestrian point of view.

Joaquin Sevilla

I gnawed he makes use of the first images of the satellite SMOS of THAT ONE to explain ourselves how the Theory of the Black Body allows us to obtain information water cycle of our planet.

Gravity Zero

Evaristo demonstrates to us how to calculate according to the measurements of a lamp the figure hyperbolic that it will project his light on the walls.


To part of the articles, also I would like noticing the interest of some blogueros to which we get ready late and they did not have time to write an article, but they have promised to take part in next editions.

Pere Estupinyà, of Scientific Notes from the MIT, could not have taken part in this edition because we warn it with to two days of the end of the carnival but it offers us an interesting entry that he wrote in February on which it would happen if one of many things for that the LHC was designed, to find the slippery Higgs bosón, was finding other of the particle accelerators, like for example Tevatron the American.

Scientific notes from the MIT

Neither has been able Carlos Escobar of The Hour Zero, since we have caught it little background, but I would like being grateful for his interest offering an entry of his blog with the Agenda of the LHC for this anyo 2010.

The Hour Zero

Finally to be grateful to some that could not have informed his support and interest: Julio de Gluon Con Leche, Iñaki of enchufa2, Vicente de El tao of the physics and honorable Emilio SIlvera Vazquez.

To close the fourth edition you would like proposing the last video of Symphony of Science, which yesterday we could see in Sorprendible.

Again thanks to all those who make the Carnival of the Physics possible.

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